We will keep up to date a list of the most interesting exhibitions in Spain. We will help you to plan your trip, and provide the best accomodation service.

In addition, we also provide all sectors of China's European government invitations, business visits and other resources.

|Business Exhibitions List|

Our services:

1. Business exhibition services:

-- Visa invitation letter.
-- Translation service for business negotiation provided during the exhibition. (Available only in Chinese, English, Spanish and French). Get rid of the culture gap between Chinese and Western people, the two sides will be guided to reach an agreement to promote further business cooperation.
-- All kind of information about the exhibition will be provided to you: Opening hours, main companies attending the event, other side events and much more.

2. Charter services:

-- Airport Transfer, Tax Refund guidance service.
-- Charter Service provided to groups f 5, 7 or 9 people to discover the authentic spanish culture and visit the most famous spots and provide a high-level environment
-- Private Shopping, Real State properties purchase guidance.